How to visit as many places as possible in Czech Switzerland

Czech Switzerland is a jewel of Czech nature. If you are going on a trip to Prague, a visit to this fairytale area should not be missing from your travel list. Read how to plan your trip to Czech Switzerland, which is also known as Bohemian Switzerland, so that you can see as much as possible.

Czech Switzerland is a jewel of Czech nature. If you are going on a trip to Prague, a visit to this fairytale area should not be missing from your travel list. There are few places where you will find so many beautiful places close to each other as here. Did we convince you? Read how to plan your trip to Czech Switzerland, which is also known as Bohemian Switzerland, so that you can see as much as possible.

How to plan a day trip to Czech Switzerland

If you want to get the best out of Czech Switzerland, expect a full-day trip. Be prepared for a hike of approximately 10-14 hours. You will have to leave very early in the morning and return to your accommodation late in the evening. Read also how to pack for a one-day hiking trip to Czech Switzerland

In the ideal case, set out to discover the beauties of Czech Switzerland by car. There is no direct public transport connection from Prague to the starting points of the national park, and finding suitable connections in the morning and evening can be quite a problem. 

First of all, you have to take the train from Prague to Děčín, which takes around 2 hours. Then change to a bus to Hřensko or Jetřichovice, which will take another 30-40 minutes. On the contrary, a direct journey by car will take you only one hour and 45 minutes. In Hřensko you can leave your car in paid parking, but beware, in peak season after 9:00 a.m. all the places are usually full. Read more about how to get from Prague to Bohemia Switzerland.

Although most of the natural monuments of Czech Switzerland are within walking distance, do not forget that some of the most famous places are located in the German part of the park. Therefore, without a car, you will not be able to walk both the Czech and Saxon sides at once, and you will only see half of what is worth seeing in Bohemian Saxon Switzerland.

5 places you must visit when exploring Czech Switzerland

So let’s take a look at the list of places that you must not miss in Czech Switzerland.

Pravčická gate

The Pravčická Gate is a symbol of Czech Switzerland. It is the largest natural rock bridge in Europe. Its span is 26 meters (85 feet) and the vault reaches a height of 16 meters (52 feet). The chateau Orlí hnízdo from 1881 is situated under the Pravčická brána, which today houses a restaurant and a gallery of Julius Pufler’s photographs.

Cruise through the Gorges of Kamenice

One of the best experiences you can take away from Czech Switzerland is a cruise on the Kamenice River. You can take a boat ride through the Divoká Gorge and Edmund’s Gorge. Along the way, you will see rock formations resembling various animal and human beings.

Bastei and Neurathen Castle

While Pravčická gate is the symbol of the Czech side, the most famous place in Saxon Switzerland is the Bastei rock formation. Its dominant feature is the 76-meter-long stone bridge, which offers wide views of the Elbe River valley and the Elbe Sandstone.

The Bastei Bridge lit by the sun.

Tisa walls

In the rocky city of Tisa walls, you can look forward to dozens of sandstone formations that resemble everything. This place is popular not only with tourists but also with climbers, who you are likely to see here. If you are familiar with the movie The Chronicle of Narnia, then you will surely be pleased to know that the film was filmed here. Discover the land or Narnie with us.

Sunset over Tisa Rick Labyrinth.

Jetřichovické viewpoints

The Jetřichovické viewpoints are located at an altitude of 428–483 meters above sea level. There are 3 in total and they are named after the Kinský family – Marie’s viewpoint, Vilemín’s wall, and Rudolf’s stone. Dominant is Maria’s viewpoint, which opens up a wonderful view of the national park from all sides.

Enjoy a worry-free trip with Northern Hikes

Are you wondering if you can do all these highlights of Czech Switzerland in one day? With us – yes! If you plan to spend only a few days in the Czech Republic, make the most of your time and choose the easiest option for your hike in Czech Switzerland – tour with Northern Hikes.

  • We will provide private transport from Prague directly to the location and take you back again in the evening.
  • We feel at home in Czech Switzerland, so we know all the routes and shortcuts. We have carefully planned the whole hike so that we don’t miss any natural sights or perfect places for Instagram photos.
  • To see everything that Czech Switzerland has to offer, we have priority over other customers at the great restaurant U Forta, so we don’t spend precious time waiting for our food.

Choose one of our tours

You can experience the German Bastei Bridge, a sightseeing cruise, and a walk through the labyrinth from Narnia on our Easy Top 3 highlights. This tour is also suitable for families with children and beginners.

For the more daring, we recommend Hikers’ top 3 highlights, during which you will see the Pravčická Gate, the famous Bastei Bridge, and take a romantic cruise through the gorges of the Kamenice River.If you would like to plan the entire trip yourself with our help, we will be happy to organize a Private day trip for you. You set your own pace and choose the places you want to visit. We can leave together from Prague or Dresden.

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