Gorges of Kamenice River (a complete guide)

Gorges of Kamenice is one of the sites in Bohemian Switzerland which are accessible only during the summer season. Board on the boat and enjoy a ride through deep canyon within the surrounding wild forests and pure nature. What is to be experienced in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland?

Raft sailing since the end of the 19th century

Gorges of Kamenice, specifically Edmund’s and Divoká gorge, are like cut out of the postcard. One wouldn’t believe that we have something magnificent like this basically around the corner. Kamenice is rightly considered the most beautiful site of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Local rock formations and water flows create a beautiful symbiotic complex, so desired by tourists from home and also abroad.

What are the Gorges of Kamenice?

These are the canyons that originated when the Kamenica River cut through the local sandstone. Rocks here rise up to 300 feet. The various formations, overhangs, tunnels and surrounding nature give the place almost a magical touch, one of the most magnificent places in the national park. The River Kamenica passes through two gorges, the first being Edmund’s (formerly Tichá), the second Divoká. This place is included within the yellow mark tourist trail.

They are famous for more than centuries. In the past, they represented a logistical obstacle for the locals, as the transition was very complicated here. The owner of the manor, Prince Edmund Clary-Aldringen, asked the craftsmen to modify the local terrain, creating a waterway. Through both gorges, the prams have been operating since the end of the 19th century and are active also nowadays.

Kyjovské údolí

A part of the route along the yellow marked tourist trail can be reached on your own, but these magnificent gorges only on the pram. During the sailing, one has the opportunity to see smaller waterfalls and go through several rock tunnels. Hand in hand goes admirable local fauna and flora. Moreover, the ferryman can make the trip more pleasant with many remarks and stories.

How to get there?

The gorges are best accessed from the village of Hřensko, which represents a gateway to Bohemian Switzerland. This is the entry gate for those who want to explore the beauty of this national park.

From Prague, you can reach Hřensko on the D8 highway, which is part of the international European highway E55. The journey is approx. 95 miles long and takes less than two hours. However, this is only true for the ideal traffic, it can be considerably extended during the peak of the summer tourist season, and the parking lots are more crowded then as well. Almost all of them are paid. However, there are also some of them for free.

The village of Hřensko operates four parking lots  – Pod skalou, U Vodopádu, Mezní Louka and U čerpací stanice. The average price ranges from over 1 $ per hour to over 5 $ per day. Parking at the gas station is free, but with minimal capacity.

From the village, it is necessary to follow the upstream of Kamenice for about two kilometers, and then you reach Edmund’s gorge. Here you board the pram. It sails for about twenty minutes, and then you get off. Another trail you have to take is about one and a half kilometers. The goal is to reach the Divoká Gorge, where the sailing takes about fifteen minutes.

How to come back to Hřensko?

The easiest way is to go the other way in the opposite direction. So sail back through the Divoká Gorge, go to Edmund’s Gorge and return to Hřensko. However, at the very end, it is possible to continue the next three kilometers to the recreational village of Mezní Louka and then return by bus.

Do you want to spend less time planning and more enjoying?

Book an organized tour from Prague with us which includes also a boat ride through Gorges of Kamenice.

When to go there and how much does it cost?

The biggest attraction is, of course, a cruise on a pram across both gorges. This is the main reason to visit for most tourists, and therefore big crowds can be expected during the peak of the season. Not to mention the extended waiting times for the prams.

Edmund’s and Divoká Gorge are open only a certain period of a year. This is a period from around Easter to the beginning of November, with opening hours being shortened for the last month. Both gorges are open daily.

Edmund’s Gorge

Opening hours of Edmundova tiesňava (Edmund’s Gorge):

  • March 30  – October 7, 2019 – 9am – 6pm
  • October 8 –  November 4, 2019 – 9am – 5pm

Opening hours of Divoká tiesňava (Gorge Divoká):

  • April 19  – October 7, 2019 – 9am – 6pm
  • October 8 –  November 4, 2019 – 9am – 5pm

Please note that pram sailing cannot be booked in advance. Bear in mind, first come, first serve. The capacity of one pram is 25 people, so during busy days it is possible that you will wait a little longer, even though there are more prams than usual. The price for sailing through Edmund’s gorge is around 4 $ per adult and 3 $ through Divoka’s gorge.

Where to stay and eat?

If you would like to book a multi-day trip to Bohemian Switzerland, Hřensko offers many types of accommodation. You can choose hotels, guesthouses, and apartments here. There is something for any kind of comfort you prefer. These facilities also provide tourists with the opportunity to dine, which is a great idea, how to get some strength before the hike.

We recommend a family run business Penzión U Fořta with amazing reviews, where you can also have a portion of tasty Czech food. Another great option is Penzión na Vyhlídce with nice views and restaurant.

In the surroundings of Hřensko, it is possible to visit several interesting places, the most famous is the Pravčická Gate. This rock formation is considered one of the symbols of the National Park and is definitely worth seeing it. Also, there are several hiking trails from the village.

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