Top Activities in Prague around Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and it naturally sparks anticipation for wonderful holiday cheer and a festive atmosphere, as it’s a season of jubilation, right? The allure of Prague during this time is unmatched – with its traditional Christmas markets, the sound of carols filling the air, and an authentic Prague Christmas experience, the city has been designed as an idyllic backdrop for holiday getaways. Moreover, CNN has recognized Prague’s festive markets as one of the most exceptional in the world.  

What can you anticipate from this splendid city during the Christmas festivities? Beyond the traditional Christmas markets, you can immerse yourself in the charm of rustic pubs, take romantic strolls, and create moments that are both unique and profound. Let our concise Christmas guide over Prague enrich your holiday plans. Enjoy the read and find your holiday inspiration.

Weather in Prague during Christmas

As the festive season approaches, the air in Prague chills to a crisp breeze, with temperatures typically hovering between 2°C (36°F) and -2°C (28°F). Snowfall is a rare gift, blanketing the ancient city streets in a quiet hush of white. Before you set off, consult the forecast and arm yourself with winter attire that embraces both function and elegance. Read more about the weather in Prague.

Does it snow in Prague at Christmas?

The likelihood of a white Christmas in Prague is akin to the suspense of unwrapping a gift; it’s a possibility, but not a guarantee. When it does snow, the city dons a cap of white, turning landmarks like the Charles Bridge into scenes from a snow globe.

Prague after Christmas

The post-Christmas period in Prague is alive with festive buzz, culminating in a myriad of celebratory events as New Year’s Eve draws near. The historic Staromětské náměstí is the epicenter of traditional celebrations, where a spectacular midnight show ushers in the new year amid a dazzling display of fireworks.

For those seeking an alternative experience, a New Year’s Eve river cruise on the Vltava offers cozy heated cabins, sumptuous dining, and splendid views of the illuminated Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. It’s a more tranquil way to celebrate, away from the throngs of the squares.

Check our complete guide to New Year’s Eve in Prague, including what to do and where to celebrate.

Christmas markets

There is no holiday trip to be considered complete if you do not visit Christmas markets in Prague. There are many to choose from. The greatest ones have something in common – they open at the end of November or the beginning of December and are well-known due to their festive atmosphere.

The most famous Christmas market is the one located at Old Town Square. Hard to miss from a further distance due to the giant Christmas tree that is dominant year by year its dominant. Are you hungry, thirsty, or just curious? There is something for every visitor. Would be considered a big miss to visit Prague over Christmas and do no stroll through this magic place. The Christmas market at Old Town Square will be open until the 6th of January 2024.

Wenceslas Square is also a perfect venue to find the charming markets. A little bit smaller though compared to Old Town Square, the atmosphere is the same, if not even better. Mulled wine, tasty sausage, and places that played an essential role in the past days.

When visiting Prague Castle, you will be stunned by culture; markets are to be open here already in November. Traditional handicrafts, refreshment stalls and a real Christmas atmosphere everywhere. Imagine – all of this in the largest castle complex in the world!

Christmas carols

Join all Czechs and sing carols with them at the event „The Czech Republic sings carols“. The event will take place on the 13th of December 2023 and places venues like the Černý most shopping center in Prague will resonate with these timeless melodies.

But you can also hear carols at Christmas markets in various squares, where they are played either produced or sung by various choirs and schools as part of the Christmas program.

Christmas food

After losing so many calories walking and freezing in the cold, it’s time to recharge and warm your body and soul. Picking just one place is a difficult task, but one thing is true – Prague’s traditional pubs always offer the best draft beer and large portions of traditional food. Imagine enjoying a plate of schnitzel with potato salad or a portion of carp, which is a traditional Czech Christmas Eve dinner.


In Prague, the spirit of giving is captured in the myriad of traditional and unique gifts that the city’s festive markets and storied streets offer. At the Christmas markets, you can find everything from handcrafted ornaments to aromatic gingerbread.

  • For a broader selection, stroll down the main shopping artery of Na Příkopě, where the twinkling lights reflect off the windows of not just high-end boutiques.
  • The Náměstí Republiky is another destination not to be missed, with its Palladium shopping center offering a variety of stores that cater to every wish list.
  • Wenceslas Square, with its vibrant energy, is a treasure trove for last-minute shoppers, where the scent of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts lingers in the air.

Traditional Czech souvenirs are the gems of Christmas gifting:

  • Becherovka
  • the country’s renowned beer
  • beer cosmetics
  • marionettes
  • Spa wafers
  • Czech mead

Christmas events

The city comes alive with events that celebrate the essence of Christmas. Attend a concert at one of the theatres, or wander through exhibits that showcase the best of Czech art and history.

Christmas concerts

The melodious heart of Prague’s winter festivities can be found echoing through the grand halls of its most revered cultural institutions. The National Theater and the Rudolfinum, with their opulent interiors, host traditional Advent and Christmas concerts, where the strains of classical music encapsulate the spirit of the season. Not to be outdone, the Klementinum joins in with its own roster of yuletide performances.

Alongside these classical recitals, the contemporary sounds of Czech singers and bands fill the air in diverse venues across the city:

  • Hybernia Theatre
  • Municipal House
  • Lucerna Cinema
  • Karlín Musical Theater

Cultural Shivers in Museums

Do you like to immerse into the culture and history? Good news for you, museums and galleries are open also during holidays. Admire musical heritage in Czech Museum of Music, but if you are more into fine arts, definitely visit Mucha Museum Prague – a museum dedicated to world-known secession painter. London has Madam Tussauds, Prague has Grévin – this wax figurines museum share the exposition with Chocotopia – exposition devoted to sweets. What a catch!

As you see, the list of activities over holidays in Prague is endless. For small travelers, there is an option of Zoo, also an excellent choice for fauna lovers. If you prefer flora, visit Botanical Gardens, even open on Christmas Eve. For those of you who believe, there is a special place to visit for your midnight mass, ancient and quaint St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. 

Christmas trees

The lighting of Christmas trees in Prague is a dazzling display of festive joy. The most renowned is at the Old Town Square, where the largest tree is lit before the first Advent Sunday, marking the season’s official commencement. Other notable trees enhance the city’s yuletide charm, like the one near the Church of the Sacred Heart of the Lord at Jiřího z Poděbrady Square, and the festive tree at Náměstí Míru, surrounded by a lively Christmas market. Additionally,

  • Wenceslas Square,
  • Karlín Square,
  • Kampa,
  • Malostranské Square,
  • Vodičková Street,

all boast their own splendidly decorated trees, ensuring that the holiday spirit is spread throughout Prague.

Ice skating

There is no winter without ice skating, right? If you are by any chance in Prague over the holidays, and you would like to feel the wind in your face, there are many places to go and practice your Rittberger or Flip. There are many public ice skating rinks in Prague, whether covered in stadiums or outside areas. Worth to be mentioned are Ice Arena Kobra or public playground Na Františku.

Walk around Prague

Prague is super enjoyable especially over holidays for couples in love. ”City of hundred spires“ is full of romantic narrow streets and places full of love, especially over Christmas looking like typical venues for sweet romantic movies.

Worth your visit is also Charles Bridge, the oldest bridge in Prague. In the dimmed lights you already feel the statues waking up slowly and walking from one end to the other is an incredible experience. The very similar atmosphere also rules a famous island in Prague – Kampa. Walking close to Vltava river would never be more romantic than now when we celebrate the most beautiful holidays of the year.

Prague is also loved due to its magnificent views. Our recommendation is Letná, especially if you want to enjoy how does it feel like to be part of the picturesque postcard. Unforgettable view over snowy roofs is also worth from Vyšehrad, Vítkov or Havlíček Gardens.

Get yourself caught in the opulent atmosphere of the Vrtbovská Garden and palace with the same name. If you are enchanted by the Baroque period, this is the place to be.

Christmas lights

Venture to Prague’s Christmas park in Žluté lázně for a visual feast of light installations. Here, almost 200 original light displays in 2D and 3D designs bring the “Lights tell” exhibition to life, running until the 31st of January 2024 and open daily from 4 to 9 pm. Or, for a picture-perfect moment, wander through the garden of Slovanský dům in the city center, where festive lights create a magical backdrop.

Christmas run

If you’re a fan of fitness or simply want to partake in a uniquely festive event, don’t miss the Christmas run Praha. This 5 km route winds through Prague’s scenic vistas, emphasizing participation and the Christmas spirit over competition. With every step, participants of all ages, from children to seniors, celebrate the season. Completing the run earns each person a special Christmas medal, and entry fees contribute to a charitable foundation, making this event a true embodiment of holiday giving.

Christmas Prague in pictures

Prague at Christmas is more than a destination; it’s an experience. Whether you’re warming by a market stall, marveling at the gothic architecture, or savoring the notes of a carol, the magic of the season is alive in every moment. Come and write your winter tale in the heart of the Czech Republic. 

Winter Hiking Around Prague

After a couple of mulled wines or walking in Prague, we also sometimes long for a break from the hustle of the big city, nature would be our next choice. In less than 2 hours you could be in an area known as Bohemian Switzerland.

Imagine stunning views and with a pleasant weather also almost kitschy sunset in the fairy tale countryside. It was probably also the reason why the filmmakers chose this locality as shooting place for winter scenes for The Chronicles of Narnia movie.

A trip to the Tisa Rocks Labyrinth and Bastei Bridge will take you to two countries on a full day trip. Enjoy the walk around tall sandstone towers, through narrow passages and small caves. From Bastei Bridge expect to view breathtaking landscape formed by the biggest sandstone canyon – The Elbe Canyon.

Another option is to explore two highlights of Bohemian Switzerland – Pravcicka Gate and Bastei Bridge. It’s a comfortable full day trip which is also doable in winter. Rock formations and high stone walls are creating iconic scenery and offering a perfect spot for scenic views.

Narnia - shooting location Pravcicka Gate

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