Prague Off the Beaten Path: 13 Unforgettable Adventures Await

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Prague, where history and charm intertwine to create a tapestry of hidden treasures. If you’re seeking an escape from the ordinary, join us as we delve into the secrets of Prague that are reserved for the curious traveler. Leave behind the well-trodden paths and embark on an exploration of Prague off the beaten track.

1. Discovering Staré Město: Unraveling History in Bethlehem Chapel

Located in Staré Město, Bethlehem Chapel is a historic gem. Dive into its rebellious past, where Jan Hus preached against the norm. Marvel at the intricate architectural wonders within Staré Město, showcasing a unique blend of history and artistry.

2. Ascending Vítkov Hill: Beyond the Ordinary Views

Vítkov Hill offers extraordinary vistas of Prague. To get there, embark on a journey to Žižkov and climb to the top for panoramic views. Explore the National Monument, an ode to a bygone era, and immerse yourself in captivating stories etched into its walls.

3. Elevate Your Experience with Paternoster Elevator

For a unique vertical journey, head to the Paternoster Elevator at Prague City Hall. Unearth its unique features as you ascend, with unexpected delights on each floor. This elevator not only elevates you physically but also transports you to the hidden places and charm of Prague.

4. Prague Metronome: Synchronize with the City

Discover the Prague Metronome secrets atop Letná Park. Access it from Hradčanská or cross the iconic Charles Bridge. This modern symbol pulsates with historical resonance, providing a unique perspective of the city. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of Prague.

5. Náplavka: Strolling by the Water

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Náplavka along the Vltava River. Accessible from the Dancing House or Palackého náměstí, this local gem offers markets and riverside cafes. Witness the city’s heartbeat along the water, especially during the farmers’ markets.

6. Žižkov TV Tower: More Than a Broadcast

In Žižkov, the TV Tower stands as Prague’s tallest building, soaring 216 meters high. Built between 1985 and 1992, it offers unparalleled panoramic views, reaching up to 100 km. Adorned with 10 giant baby statues, this architectural marvel transforms into a creative canvas.

Ascend to the top for a 360-degree view of Prague at Observatory Tower Park. Indulge in cuisine with a view at Restaurant Oblaca, or stay overnight in the unique One Room Hotel suite. This landmark redefines your perception of Prague with its towering stature and artistic charm.

7. Picnic Paradise at Riegrovy Sady

Escape to Riegrovy Sady in Vinohrady for a laid-back afternoon. Picnic amidst nature, taking in stunning views of Prague Castle. Share moments with locals in this green oasis within the city, offering a serene escape off the beaten path.

8. Franz Kafka Statue: Monumental Surrealism

Discover the monumental surrealism embodied in the Franz Kafka Statue near Prague’s Národní třída. A remarkable 11-meter, 39-ton moving statue, it vividly depicts the head of the famed Czech writer Franz Kafka. Located around the Quadrio shopping center, this extraordinary creation is the work of artist David Černý. Delve into the surreal encounter with Kafka’s literary universe, right at the heart of Prague’s vibrant cityscape.

9. Wild Beauty of Divoká Šárka

Embark on a journey to Divoká Šárka, northwest of the city center. Traverse hiking trails leading to waterfalls and natural wonders. Unearth hidden gems within the heart of Šárka, offering a glimpse of the wild beauty that Prague conceals.

10. Vyšehrad: Fortress of Stories

Venture to Vyšehrad, south of the city center, and explore its citadel. Uncover hidden corners and scenic spots, including the Vyšehrad Cemetery and the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. This fortress is a living testament to Prague’s rich history.

11. St. Cyril & Methodius Crypt and Church: Secrets Below Ground

Descend into the historical depths of St. Cyril & Methodius Crypt and Church, located in Karlovo náměstí. Explore artifacts and stories of courage, including the crypt where the Czech resistance members hid. This cryptic journey adds layers to Prague’s multifaceted narrative.

12. Infinite Tower of Books

Step into the Municipal Library on Mariánské náměstí in the Old Town to witness the Infinite Tower of Books, famously known as the Endless Well. Crafted by artist Matej Krén, this unique installation features countless books and two mirrors, creating an illusion of boundless literary wonders. Traverse the maze of endless books, elevating your appreciation for Prague’s intellectual heritage through literary events and cultural richness.

13. Escape to Bohemian Switzerland with Northern Hikes

Discover the wonders beyond Prague with us – a local Czech guide. Specializing in small-group sustainable tourism, we offer guided day trips from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland. Traverse picturesque landscapes and explore the enchanting natural wonders that define this unique destination. Ready for an unforgettable journey? Check out our winter and summer tours, and let Northern Hikes be your guide to the hidden gems of Bohemian Switzerland!

The Bastei Bridge lit by the sun.

Discovering Prague’s enigmatic charm: Use our guide beyond the tourist trail

Let this guide for unusual things to do in Prague inspire you to venture into the heart of Europe, where each corner holds a piece of the city’s soul. Embrace the uncommon, seek the extraordinary, and let Prague’s hidden wonders leave an indelible mark on your travel memories. Discover more Czech beauties and also read what to do and see around Prague.

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