9 suggestions what to do and see around Prague

Magic Prague will keep you busy for sure for several days with its beautiful monuments. But if you decide to visit the Czech Republic, it is definitely worth also seeing other places. Thanks to its great location and many great places nearby, it is quite easy to plan a trip.

The trip into the history, the beautiful nature or the beer that are the symbols of the Czech Republic – this is just a fraction of what to expect if you decide to get to discover destinations outside Prague. We’ve selected a few inspiring places near Prague to visit also with the description of how to reach the sites.

1. Bohemian Switzerland

The National Park in the northwestern part of the country is a perfect escape from the noise of the city as it is the opposite of mass tourism. Even though the area is not large, it houses several unique treasures. 52 feet high Pravčická Gate – the largest natural bridge in Europe. Enjoy a fantastic nature experience while sailing through the river Kamenice, which stretches between the steep rocky gorges.

The impressive is the canyon of the Elbe River, which is 985 feet deep. Enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings and if you want to spend your holiday actively, the area itself offers many hiking and cycling trails. Moviemakers showed the beauty of Bohemian Switzerland also on the film screen. Tisa Rock Labyrinth became the scene of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Bohemian Switzerland

How to get there:

For a truly local experience, we recommend you to discover Bohemian Switzerland with us and book one of our tours from Prague. Our guides grew up in Bohemian Switzerland and know all the treasures. We also support the local community and take care of the environment.

If you decide to travel by yourself, the most comfortable way to get to Bohemian Switzerland is by car. The more convenient option is to travel through villages in a national park. The journey takes about 2 hours. If you cannot travel by car, there are both bus and train lines to Prague from Děčín and from there by local lines between the individual sites in the national park. 

2. Karlštejn

The fairytale castle from the 14th century was built by Charles IV. as a place to preserve the crown jewels at the beginning of the Hussite Wars. They have been stored in the castle for more than 200 years.

Since its construction, the castle has undergone several reconstructions, the latter being from the 19th century. During the tour, you can see replicas of the coronation jewels of the Czech kings and also the largest gallery of monarchs portraits in the Czech Republic or a unique castle well. The castle was also mentioned in the popular Czech movie of Noc na Karlštejne.


How to get there:

From Prague, the easiest way is by train, which takes about 45 minutes.

3. Kutná Hora

An essential medieval economic, political and cultural intersection that is known for silver mining and coin production. In the 13th century, ⅓ of European silver production was produced exactly in Kutná Hora. Every year the city holds a traditional silver mining festival that commemorates the great years of the town in the Middle Ages.

The dominant feature of the town is the large Gothic church of St.Barbara from the 14th-century and also impressive to visit is a small church in Kostnice in the neighboring village of Sedlec, where 40,000 to 70,000 bones are hidden, decorating the entire church. Both monuments are listed by UNESCO.

Kutna Hora

How to get there:

There is a regular train connection with Kutná Hora from Prague Main Station. The journey takes about 1 hour.

4. Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary was founded in the 14th century and is famous for its healing springs. There are 13 main thermal springs in the city and over 300 smaller springs, which are considered to be water sources in the elegant spa hotels.

Every July, film fans, filmmakers and actors meet in Karlovy Vary at one of Europe’s most prestigious film festivals. It is the biggest film event not only in the city but also in the whole country.

Karlovy Vary is ideal for spending a pleasant day walking, tasting the traditional herbal liqueur Becherovka, which is produced here, good food and unique atmosphere that adds to the city’s charm.

Karlovy Vary

How to get there:

Karlovy Vary is connected with Prague by bus lines from Florenc station. The journey takes just over 2 hours.

5. Krkonoše

The buzz of the city is best to be avoided in nature. The Krkonoše Mountains have the highest point in the Czech Republic, Sněžka. It is certainly impressive when visiting the country to climb to its highest point, in this case, it will not be difficult, because Sněžka has about 5260 feet, which is compared to other mountains tolerable for people who usually do not go hiking. There is also the foundation of Elbe River, which also passes through the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

In winter, the Krkonoše are an excellent place for skiing. Especially popular are sites of Špindleruv Mlyn or Pec pod Snezkou. In the summer, you can enjoy all the benefits of a pleasant forest environment providing the relax from the city noise.


How to get there:

From Prague’s Černý most station, you can get to the Krkonoše (Špindleruv Mlyn stop) by bus. The journey takes about 3 hours.

6. The Máj Viewpoint

Would you say that there is a place in the Czech Republic that reminds us of the American Grand Canyon at first glance? One of the most beautiful views of the Vltava can be enjoyed from Vyhlídka Máj at the village of Teletín. The Vltava makes its way through a high canyon and turns into a horseshoe shape, which you can see from the top of the rock.

How to get there:

The easiest route is by car to Teletín. The bus leaves the Smíchov Train Station, but you will have to change once. Plan your journey here. From Teletín, you reach the viewpoint by following the yellow hiking trail for about 1 mile.

7. Pilsner Tour

It would be a pity to visit the Czech Republic and do not see how great Czech beer is brewed. Pilsner has been cooking in Pilsen since 1842 and has inspired the whole world. Beer lovers will get a perfect overview of what makes Pilsner a beer legend – through brewery history, beer bottling, ingredients, beer-brewing buildings, beer barrels, and staff cooking the beer. The final phase is tasting.

The tour is in multiple languages,we suggest to check the timeslot for the language you are interested in.


How to get there:

You can get to Pilsen from Prague by bus from Zličín station or by train from Hlavni nadrazi. The journey takes about 1 hour 20 minutes.

8. Adršpach – Teplice Rocks

About 250,000 people visit famous rock formations every year. They are located near the villages of Teplice nad Metují and Adršpach, according to which they got their name. The Metuje River, the surrounding lakes, waterfalls and tall rocks, offering the magnificent views, will get you with no doubts. If you feel like having an active day in nature, visit this place.

Lovers of climbing, hiking, cycling or walking will find their dream place, but the location is also suitable for families with children who can enjoy a boat trip on the river.

Adrspach - Teplice Rocks

How to get there:

Traveling by bus or train is complicated with at least one transfer. Plan your trip here, it takes up to 4 hours. Therefore, we recommend traveling by car and reach Teplice nad Metují in 2 hours 45 minutes.

9. Český Krumlov

Not only the Czech nation but also international travelers consider Český Krumlov to be the most beautiful thing to see in the Czech Republic. The medieval town on the banks of the Vltava River is home to more than 300 preserved, authentic medieval buildings, creating it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Historical sights neighbor with typical pubs, restaurants, where you can enjoy a good meal or a refreshing beer after a walk.

If you have more time, we recommend to plan a weekend trip to Český Krumlov and see also its surrounding nature or try rafting on the Vltava River, which is also popular among the locals.

A few years ago we would recommend you to go there but nowadays it is sad how this beautiful city became saturated with tourists. However, it still worth to visit. Just try to avoid the main street and don’t go there just for one hour to take one picture for Instagram. It is the perfect time and place to enjoy some slow traveling. 

Cesky Krumlov

How to get there:

From Prague get to Český Krumlov most conveniently by bus from the stop Na Knížecí at Smíchov and the journey takes about 3 hours.

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