Hiking in the Czech Republic and around Prague

Have you seen Staroměstské Square, Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square and Petřín Hill? If you walked a lot in the streets of historical Prague, you might want to go outside the city, into the countryside and enjoy nature. Time spent in the shade of a deep forest and rocks can be magnificent especially on a summer day.

Hiking Czech Republic, Prague

Not far from Prague, several nature reservations located there would be a pity to miss. The Czech Republic boasts an attractive natural environment, not yet discovered by many tourists.

Hiking trails near Prague

No need to travel far from Prague for the hiking option. In 45 minutes by train or bus, you are outside the city, in the natural environment of the protected landscape area Český kras.

There are several hiking trails and high observation towers, from which you can see far into the surrounding countryside. A popular destination for tourists is Karlštejn Castle, built in the 14th century. Walk through the landscape of limestone quarries, rocks and caves and visit other castles – Točník and Nižbor. They are connected by one route, suitable for both tourists and cyclists, which also extends to the Křivoklát area.

Karlštejn Castle

This route takes you to another protected landscape area on the banks of the Berounka River, which is almost entirely covered with forests.

Křivoklátsko is an ideal place for a day-long hiking tour, especially for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature or discover historical monuments of folk architecture.

If you want to get to know the nature of the Czech Republic, its most valuable treasures can be found a little further.

Hiking in the national parks of the Czech Republic

Officially, there are four national parks in the Czech Republic. What makes Czech nature unique is the hundreds of thousands of years old sandstone rocks that once formed the bottom of the sea. Today, they rise high and fascinate tourists. Surrounding nature is protected by law. If you go for hiking to these areas, you understand the reason behind.

Bohemian Switzerland

Prague is located near the most beautiful national park in the Czech Republic – Bohemian Switzerland. Upon your arrival here, you cannot miss the largest rock bridge in Central Europe – the Pravčická Gate. This gem of sandstone can be observed from the many surrounding vistas.

Later, for example, take a trip to the Gorges of the river Kamenice, explore the unique rock towns, forest paths through picturesque nature, or just relax with good beer and food in the stylish Sokolí Hnízdo restaurant located in the castle. Stay here for several days as well – the possibilities for hiking, rafting or sporting activities are endless.

Gorges of the river Kamenice

The easiest way to get to the Bohemian Switzerland is by car and it takes approx. 2 hours.

Another option is to travel by train – from Prague – the main train station it takes about an hour and a half to get to the railway station in Děčín. From there, take the bus to Hřensko, where you should get off at Pravčická brána or Mezní stop.

Book an organized tour from Prague and let us be your guides and show you the beauty of Bohemian Switzerland.

Krkonoše – Sněžka and Labe

Lovers of high altitudes find the best site in the Krkonoše National Park. The highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Sněžka is 5259 ft high above the sea and is accessible by several hiking trails, more comfortable or challenging as well. On the top, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of nature of the Czech Republic and Poland.


In addition to the ascent to Sněžka, the Krkonoše Mountains offer another hiking trails with beautiful nature. Along the Elbe River, cool down in the shade of rocks and dense forest. Admire several waterfalls, including the highest, Pančavský, which rises up to 148 m. Špindlerův Mlýn is the starting point for a romantic hike through the Labský Mine.

To start the tourist trip from Prague to Sněžka is the easiest by train or bus to Trutnov, where catch the bus to the village of Pec pod Sněžkou. There are several starting points for the mountain hike, for example from the village of Horní Malá Úpa, also accessible by bus. Anyway, get ready for a three-hour drive with transfers included.

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

The largest rock town in the Czech Republic is formed by the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. During the tour you see bizarre sandstone formations, looking similar to people, animals or various objects of great size, encouraging to let your fantasy work and create your own stories. Almost every rock in the city got its name from creative tourists in the 18th century.

You will meet, for example, Mayor and Mayor Lady, Lovers, Dolphin, Turtle, Elephant, walk through the Mouse Hole, Little Square and Eagle’s Nest. A tour of the sandstone town takes about three hours, which is considered to be enough time to enjoy the magical atmosphere created by these natural sculptures.

Ardšpach Rocks

Many Czechs believe that miraculous healing water springs from beneath the Ardšpach Rocks. Whether true or not, come and try it, as it creates beautiful waterfalls worth to be seen.

Alternatively, you can sail across the azure lake in the heart of a rocky town on a rented boat, or try to climb one of the rocks. Climbing is also available for beginners, thanks to helpful and willing instructors.

The route to Teplické Rocks from Prague is about 110 miles long and it takes 2 and a half hours by car. The train journey takes about 3 and a half hours. It leads from the town of Teplice nad Metují, accessible by train or bus. Change in Česká Skalice station.

Prague with its hundred spiers is a beautiful city, but definitely not the only place worth visiting in the Czech Republic. If you come here, go hiking in the countryside. Relax in the fresh air, in the peace of dark forests full of singing birds and gurgling streams.

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