Get ready for summer in Bohemian Switzerland

Summer is the time of the year when you can get to know Bohemian Switzerland at its best. The forests show vibrant shades of green and rarely happens to experience the rain while walking. The view from the high rocks to the surrounding nature is not limited by dark clouds or fog.

Summer in Bohemian Switzerland

Summer weather in Bohemian Switzerland

In summer, the landscape of Bohemian Switzerland is full of life. There are unique species of plants and animals located here, which are used to unusual climate with significant temperature differences between the gorges and the peaks of the rocks.

The air temperature is a few degrees lower than in Prague. After a summer excursion to the city, staying in the National Park will be a pleasant refreshment. Huge rocks and forests provide shades along hiking trails.

Staying in Prague? We can arrange a day trip to Bohemian Switzerland for you.

With the sun rising, you will be awakened by the cold fog that is the result of the inversion, typical of the rugged terrain. The early morning mist usually disappears with late hours. The temperature rises to summer levels but not too high.

Foggy Bohemian Switzerland

If you come here in June, rain and wind can sometimes surprise you, especially in the first half of the month.The highest temperatures do not exceed 27 ° C.

The weather is the hottest in July and August, with an average temperature rises to 28.5 ° C. Occasionally the temperature may exceed 30 ° C, on cold days it drops to 7.6 ° C.

With the beginning of autumn in September, it slowly begins to cool down. The air temperature of 25 ° C offers pleasant hiking trips. We recommend taking your raincoat and warmer clothes with you.

Czech National Parks are a grateful and inspiring object for photography lovers. The most beautiful views can be seen in clear summer weather. Rocky settlements, vast forests, and meanders of rivers are unlikely to hide clouds, as during spring and autumn. From some of the views, you can see Saxon Switzerland or Dresden as well.

There is a holiday season coming hand in hand with summer, so be rather ready that other tourists will be your company on your way through the Czech Switzerland.

Sailing the waters, hiking the rocks

There are many experiences for you in Czech Switzerland. Whether you are a skilled tourist, a relaxing holiday lover, a mountaineer or a golfer, there is something for everybody. In warm weather, especially attractive are the rivers are hidden in the strait of high rocky walls.

When sailing along the river Kamenice, you will be hidden by shady rocks of Dolná and Edmundova gorge. In the boat with a guide, which will make your trip exciting with a passionate commentary, you will start at Divoká gorge.

Gorges of Kamenice in the summer

The most beautiful gorges of Bohemian Switzerland are accessible only by boat, but other canyons of the river Kamenice can also be walked on foot. Enjoy the adventurous journey through rocky tunnels, overhangs, and narrow footbridges.

If you are in a mood for another boat trip and have already explored the Kamenice River, head to the banks of the River Elbe. Here you can rent a boat or paddleboard and admire the Elbe Canyon and the surrounding sandstone at your own pace.

Are you attracted more by heights than water? In this case, Via Ferrata Děčín has been built for you, also available for tourists – beginners. An experienced guide will be at your disposal for the journey through the heights of the sandstone rocks beyond stunning views of the deep Elbe Canyon. If you are brave enough and desire to climb the walls and peaks of the rocks, take part in the mountaineering course. No worries, even if you are going to climb for the first time – instructors will show you how to climb rocks also if you are a beginner.

Where to hike in Bohemian Switzerland?

Hiking is perhaps the most popular activity of visitors to Bohemian Switzerland. The area is crossroads of routes that delight an advanced tourist, as well as families with children. Just plan your route and walk along the marked path. Some natural phenomena just have to be seen.

Tiské skaly

Hiking Trail through the Tiské rocks leads you through a mysterious town, made of sandstone formations of unique, even bizarre shapes. Stones have different names depending on what they remind to the people. By circuit walk past the Pulpit, the Cave of the Monsters and the Castle to the Rocky Square. On the way to the Great Tiské rocks, you will find yourself surrounded by sandstone Elephants, meet the Dancing Bear, Mayor and Poor Bear. You will not experience such a company anywhere else in the world.

Tisa rock in the summer

Pravčická brána

The dominant feature of Bohemian Switzerland is the most significant rock bridge in Europe, Pravčická Gate. You just can’t miss this natural gem. In the surroundings of the sandstone monument, there are several open views so you can have a look at it from every angle, with the enchanting nature of the northern Czech Republic in the background.

A refreshing spot for a trip to Pravčická gate is a relaxing moment while sipping good beer in the Sokolí hnízdo restaurant. The excursion castle is an elegant piece of Alpine style architecture, built directly into the rocks. From Pravčická brána you can continue following one of the hiking trails leading through the picturesque nature of Hřensko, for example, Gabriela’s educational path.

Pravcicka gate in the summer

Jetřichovické vyhlídky

Beautiful views are never enough to experience. Unique panoramas can be seen from the three tall rocks, named after the members of the noble family Kinsky’s – Mary’s Rock (428 m), Vilemina’s Rock (442 m) and Rudolph’s Stone (484 m). Climbing up the ladder to the views and rocky footpaths is more challenging, but the stunning views of the surrounding area are definitely worth it.

Mary’s Rock in the summer

The terrain of the sidewalks in the National Park is adapted not only for hiking but also for bicycles or scooters. You can get them in one of the rental companies in Děčín or in Hřensko.

Unique places to explore in Bohemian Switzerland are much more. For example, visit the Castle above Česká Kamenice, the Dolský Mill or the remains of the Lúpežnícky hrádek. On foot or scooter – that’s up to you. There are also many buffets and restaurants on the popular tourist routes, where you can recharge your spent energy for the next experience with a cold drink and tasty meal.

In Bohemian Switzerland, you can also find sports activities, additional to the rest, you can sail on the river and climb the rocks. The shadows of the giant rocks and dense forests provide shelter from the exhausting summer heats for everybody.

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