How much does it cost to travel in the Czech Republic?

Trips to the Czech Republic are much about exploring history, fun, delicious beer and friendly atmosphere. The Czech Republic is one of the most hospitable lands, welcoming tourists with open arms.

Travel cost Czech

You don’t have to worry that this trip would cost you too much money. We’ll help you plan it carefully, so you don’t exceed your budget. Before you go, keep in mind that legal currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown.

The exchange rate as of 21 August 2019: 1 $ = 23,26 CZK

You can always check the live rates here


The cost of accommodation depends not only on the level of the hostel, guesthouse or hotel. What matters is also the distance from the city center and the current season. 


In the table below you can find starting rates in different types of accommodation:

PragueBrnoSmaller towns and villages
Bed in a hostel for 1 nightfrom 20 $from 13 $from 13 $
Accommodation in 3* hotelfrom 49 $from 40 $from 30 $
Accommodation in a luxury hotelfrom 160 $from 104 $from 86 $

Dining and grocery shopping

Do you feel like eating outside? You can choose from a variety of food choices. Food stalls with kebab, traditional Czech pubs, or fine dining with international cuisine. 


If you prefer to cook your own meals and eat in the privacy of your apartment, grocery stores are easy to find. Some of them are open until late at night and can be a little bit more expensive. 

Here are some approximate prices for food in a restaurant or in a shop:

PragueBrnoSmaller towns and villages
Food in fast foodfrom 6 $from 5,50 $5 $
Food in an average restaurantfrom 16 $from 6.50 $from 5.60 $
Food in a luxury restaurantfrom 33 – 200 $from 30 $from 21 $
0.5 liters of draft beer1.75 $1.52 $1.30 $
1 liter of milk0.82 $0.76 $0.73 $
500 g loaf of bread1.02 $0.97 $1.05 $
12 eggs2.00 $1.82 $ 1.87 $
1 kg of cheese9.40 $8.20 $7.87 $
1 kg of bananas1.35 $1.31 $1.14 $

Transportation – domestic and international 

The best way to get to know the history and culture of interesting places in the Czech Republic is taking a stroll through the streets and squares. You can save money on moving from place to place by using the public transport network instead of cars and taxis.

Domestic transportation

In Prague, you can get anywhere by subway, tram or trolleybus. Price for a 90-minute ticket is 1.40 $. With a 24 hour ticket, you can travel around in Prague for about 5 $.

Trolley, Prague

As an alternative, taxis are also convenient ways of transport. The minimum fare with Uber taxi in Prague is 2.38 $. Traveling from the airport to the city center with Uber will cost you around 13 $.

Uber can also be used in Brno – prices are the same as in Prague.

A 90-minute ticket for public transport in Brno costs 1.17 $, all-day ticket 6.78 $.

Public transport is also available in smaller cities, however, usually, you can reach all the points of interest within walking distance. Hence, no public transport needed.

If you want to see as much of the Czech republic as possible without losing precious time, you can rent a car for about 55 $ for three days. Liter of petrol costs around 1.45 $.

International transportation

The Czech Republic is situated right in the heart of Europe. This means that other European cities are within reach – accessible by direct train or bus connection.

The regular price of a regular train ticket from Prague to Bratislava is 23.30 $, from Prague to Vienna 38 $. By train, you can also get to Berlin for 61 $ and to Budapest for 71 $.

Train Station Brno

A train ticket from Brno to Budapest costs 49 $, to Bratislava 12 $, to Vienna 21 $ and to Berlin 78 $.

Some private carriers such as RegioJet or Flixbus can offer cheaper deals. For example, you can get to Bratislava from Prague for as little as 12 $. Both of them have a great mobile app with a simple travel planner including the price for your trip.

Whichever carrier you choose, it is better if you book your tickets online in advance. Seats are often sold out at the time of the tourist season with carriers offering convenient prices. Thus, train ticket prices may vary, so better check them on the Czech Railways website

Trips, attractions, and other activities

It is up to you how you spend your stay in the Czech Republic – whether you have come to see all the museums and monuments or you want to just enjoy the atmosphere of historic places during long walks and taste the legendary Czech beer.

Among your expenses, you can also add various admission fees to museums, historical monuments (e.g. Prague Castle – 15 $, Franz Kafka Museum – 11 $) or to one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe (8.70 $).


If you are an active person and you cannot miss a workout even on vacation, you will pay 6 $ for one-time entry to the fitness center and 10 $ for one yoga lesson.

During the hot summer days, you may want to refresh yourself or swim in the swimming pool – Prague and Brno offer several water reservoirs and pools. The fee is between  5 $ and 7 $.

Many beautiful places in Prague, Brno and other places are available free of charge. Nearby these cities, there are also hiking trails in the surrounding countryside. This means that even if your expenses are limited to transport, meals, and accommodation, you will surely enjoy it to the fullest.

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