TOP 5 hot spots for romantic couples in Bohemian Switzerland

Looking for tips on how to spice up your romance? Want to propose and make it an unforgettable experience? Or maybe just chill out at an exceptionally beautiful place with the person you really like? Then listen up!

Come to Bohemian Switzerland. It is not the Switzerland with the Alps, the violet spotted cows and yodeling men with beard. In the Bohemian Switzerland we don’t have glaciers, but we have warm hearts and the most instagrammable sandstone formations including the biggest stone arch in Europe. We don’t really believe in watches that much, but hey, since you already found THE ONE to be with for eternity, you don’t need to know the time anyway. Instead of chocolate, we pride ourselves with the best beer in the world, Falkenstejn.

And you know what else? We are close to Prague. So if you are undecided between the romance in one of the most beautiful European cities and a peaceful, refreshing getaway in an untouched, almost wild nature, we have just solved your dilemma! Make it a Prague-Bohemian Switzerland bundle.

Since Prague is a romantic chapter for itself, let’s concentrate on Bohemian Switzerland. Here is a list of its top 5 romantic places including a few ideas to secure that YES answer to any question you might want to pop.


This place is like a gift from heaven to all romantic souls. It offers the best views ever. It feels like on top of the world. It is so large, that you don’t feel crammed in the crowd even on weekends or in the main season. And, quite incredibly, if you don’t want to do a lot of walking, you can choose the easier path up the western side of the Decinsky Sneznik, the biggest table mountain of the Czech Republic, where the Dresden View Point is located. And when I say “path” I mean a well-maintained and smooth road (no cars though!). Really, guys. No kidding. I keep this idea in my head of how to make things good again in a relationship, should I ever need to. And I think, that a short tour to this place with a little surprise picnic on top, at sunset maybe, has the potential to repair pretty much any damage a relationship can ever sustain. No words needed. The place itself screams “I love you!” right into her/his face!


Being high (strictly geographically speaking, of course) can be a nice feeling, but let’s face it, you can not be high all the time. So let me take you down a little. Don’t worry, you won’t regret it. The Gorges of the Kamenice river is one of the most romantic places of the Bohemian Switzerland. The sand-stone layer of this area dates back to the Mesozoic era, but these particular gorges have been open and accessible to public for only the last 120 years! It is a fascinating formation of deep canyons, carved into steep slopes of sand-stone rocks. The fun thing is that you can take a boat ride through two of the canyons. The atmosphere during the ride is magical and mysterious and some of the guides, navigating the boats through the ravine with long, wooden poles, accompany the experience with hard-to-believe but definitely-true legends.

The Gorges of Kamenice season starts in the spring, usually on the last day of March and goes on till the beginning of October. It is opened daily, but of course, weekdays are less crowded than weekends and therefore perfect for the best romantic experience.


If you look for a cozy, romantic sleepover with some fun, not much planning, but still in a really nice environment, check out the recently renovated, clean and modern accommodation at the local craft brewery Falkenstejn. It is directly at the Krasna Lipa central square, right above the brewery’s restaurant, meaning you can spend a very, very pleasant evening with great food and even greater beer at the heart of the national park and then pretty much just roll over to one of the upstairs rooms named after and decorated with the pics of the Bohemian Switzerland’s most famous highlights. And a secret tip for the next day: ask for the beer to take away in a bottle (they always have a stash of freshly bottled Falkenstejn) and go check out the beautiful surroundings, absolutely perfect for a picnic any day of the week.


Now of course you should not deprive your Instagram followers of a juicy selfie of you and your loved one under the biggest sand stone arch in Europe! Pravcicka Gate makes any hike a rewarding experience, especially with the fast variable spring weather, the fogs and the tattered spring thunderstorm clouds or, later into the year, the breathtaking array of the colorful autumn forest all around. My favorite time of the year to come to Pravcicka gate is October. No crowds, mild weather, radiant colors all around and the nostalgy of the beautiful summer days gone. It somehow makes me more tuned to the monumental atmosphere of the place.


Tisa sand rocks labyrinth is another example of a place where no trip can go wrong. Whenever you arrive here, whatever your physical or mental condition, you will get to see exceptional views and you will love (it). The feeling of being in a fairytale is so strong, that The Chronicles of Narnia movie-makers chose this place to shoot some of the scenes, like the one where Lucy meets the Faun, Mr. Tumnus. In the summer you can tie a hammock between two trees, inhale the earthly smells of the sun-warmed sand and the rocks and the forest around and just chill, watching the sunset on the horizon. Plus the many holes in the sand-stone formations provide a perfect hideaway for an engagement ring.

Maybe just one last tip and you are ready to go: if you don’t feel like organizing the trip to Bohemian Switzerland yourself, there is a way to reach your romantic goals. We are Northern Hikes and we can help you with that.

We offer 1-day tours to Bohemian Switzerland from Prague. 

Here is also a review from travel couple Bobo and Chichi with the nice 5-minute video at the end of the post. 

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