11 reasons for a day trip from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland

You know the feeling when you want something so badly, but simply need a few more arguments to make you decide? So we thought we would help you out and give you some extra reasons to visit Bohemian Switzerland! Here they are.


The one perfect reason to take a day trip from Prague to the National Park of Bohemian Switzerland. To break away from the crowds that surround you in the capital wherever you go. The humming silence of the forest will give your senses a well deserved relax, allow them to recover from the racket of the city. The unique fusion of the two extremes of this northern landscape – the deep sand stone canyons with its fresh earthy smells on one hand and the inspiring windy heights of the plateau viewpoints on the other – will make up for all the disappointment you incurred when trying to glimpse the Astronomical Clock from the impossibly crowded Old Town Square.


Land in the New World of the European tourism. Bohemian Switzerland has only just been discovered by the travelers. So, walking the paths here is something like an adventurous expedition to the unknown. But move fast, as the word is out. And hikers and nature lovers from all around the planet start falling in love with this destination.


Ok, ok, yes, it is a catch. But honestly, would you ever remember Czech Republic’s biggest table mountain is in the Bohemian Switzerland if we wrote it the usual way? You wouldn’t. Like this we have broadened your geographical horizon by an interesting fact. Plus, once you actually spot Decinsky Sneznik on the real horizon, this creepy image of you climbing on top of an impossibly huge table will emerge in your head and make you smile.


The British publisher Bounty Books places Bohemian Switzerland among the World’s 500 most visit-worthy wild destinations. So now you have the possibility to visit a “certified” wilderness on a day trip from Prague. Isn’t that awesome?


Bohemian Switzerland holds the record for the lowest place in the Czech Republic. The sandstone canyon surrounding the Elbe river is the deepest in Europe. So, on a tour here you will feel a bit like on a rollercoaster. One minute you are lost deep in the maze of the tall, moss covered sand rock city walls and only a few moments (and a few flights of crooked stairs carved into the sandstone) later you can admire the beautiful landscape from a high placed viewpoints on top of those same towers you looked up to before.


Ever tried to make a perfect frame for your favorite selfie with a Photoshop or some other totally unrewarding, geekish program? Phew! What a bore. And time-consuming, too. How much better is it to simply take a day off from the Prague crowds, escape on a comfortably organized tour to the Bohemian Switzerland and, after some hiking with a small group of cool guys, a tasty lunch and a Bierchen or two, find just the right natural frame for pretty much any picture? It is the biggest picture frame in all of Europe. Seriously. Verifiably.


Bohemian Switzerland has become an attractive shooting destination. Only, here, unlike in Africa or any other pointlessly exotic destination, guys don’t shoot with their guns, but with their cameras. The famous 2005 Narnia moviemakers chose the sand rock cities and forests near Tisa to shoot the iconic winter scenes from the frozen Narnia land. It’s guaranteed that your camera will be heavy with pictures worth sharing and re-sharing all around your social media network. In fact, why not come and shoot a movie of your own at the exact same site Andrew Adamson did? Just give it a shot.


Ever thought about where the word “gorgeous” originated? Here at the Bohemian Switzerland, locals say it was first shouted by an English-speaking visitor in awe ignited by the beauty of the Kamnitz Gorge. A magical canyon of the Kamenice river, bounded by tall, moss covered sandstone walls.

No one knows for sure if the poor guy got the same top level service you are about to get once you book a day tour from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland with the Northern Hikes: the comfortable ride in a Wi-Fi connected van right from your hotel in Prague, the intense hiking from one breathtaking viewpoint to another, the finest local dining experience rounded by a tasty beer from the nearby craft brewery and then the dinghy ride with a ferryman, using poles to navigate the boat through the Kamnitz Gorge ravine and the splash of an occasional waterfall from somewhere up above.

But if it was just the nature itself what made the aforementioned lone explorer say “gorgeous” even without all the extra treats, just imagine what words you may come up with once you are here.


Sudetenland is a treasury of (hi)stories. The once industrially, economically and (multi)culturally thriving area had to experience an embarrassing and painful downfall during and after the 2nd WW. Families were destroyed and banished and all the wealth accumulated in the region during many years of locals’ hard work was plundered. Only in the last two decades, the region is slowly picking up where it left off before the dark years of communism. The incredible personal stories carved into the character of the landscape appeal to the soul of every genuine traveler.

They attract the attention of the tourists from all around the world by offering a bit of historical sightseeing while enjoying the nature at the same time. Plus, miraculously, it is as if the unwanted, tragic break in the great pre-war bloom has made space for some great ideas and good people. Sprouts of promising, innovative services, projects and communities are scattered in the green hills surrounding the youngest National Park in the heart of Europe. All a prove of great things to come for this enchanting, yet still undiscovered tourist resort.


For many people, Czech Republic equals Pilsner Urquell. The beer of this brand is usually stacked in one of those expensive “imported beers” racks in stores around the world. You probably consider it to be the best beer Czechs can do. Well, once you have visited Bohemian Switzerland, you may want to reconsider. Pilsner Urquell is, by far, not the best beer Czechs can do. In fact, we can do a lot better. Pretty much every local craft beer from the many mini-breweries all around the region, like Falkenstejn, Kocour, Kapitan or Nomad Albrecht will leave you sitting at the restaurant table, longing for another, seriously considering the price of the local real estate.


Didn’t think so. See you soon!

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